Politics, Money, & Religion: 3 things you should never talk about in public

Politics, Money, & Religion: 3 things you should never talk about in public

You should never discuss politics, money, or religion in public.  You may have heard that before.  It’s a pretty common teaching where I’m from in Oklahoma.  I have heard this my entire life, and for good reason!  I don’t know a single person that has the exact same views on any of the three topics, much less to be on par with all three at the same time!

These sort of discussions often lead to arguments, anger, disrespect, or any number of other negative situations.  However, the notion that we cannot discuss these topics in public when they are vital to our very existence in society is NONSENSE.  To not discuss them simply to avoid awkward situations where you may disagree with someone is not a good reason to avoid these conversations!

I believe a better way to approach these topics in public is with respect, an open mind, and the firm understanding that the person or people you are talking to are probably going to disagree with you and it is OK to have differing opinions!  The whole point in having these discussions is to reaffirm whether or not our point-of-view is good or if it is misguided.  Who knows?  They might even have a perspective you haven’t considered yet and they may actually CHANGE YOUR STANCE! Can you imagine someone else changing your hard-earned, educated, and rock-solid opinion?!  Man, that better be one heck of an argument.

This is what I am hoping to foster with this blog.  I want to help keep my friends informed (yes, I consider you a friend!  You have taken this much time to read what I wrote… that means a lot to me!) and I want to inspire lively debate that helps us all to be a better community.  So, please follow this blog and be as active as you want by commenting, messaging me or your friends, and sharing.  You get the point.

If you have any topic that you want me to cover that I have yet to discuss, please let me know!  My email is corylthacker@gmail.com.  You can also follow important updates by liking and following my Facebook page: http://facebook.com/coryspoliticalblog .

Thank you for taking the time to read!  Let’s change the world with one word and one action at a time!


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